Writer’s Guidelines

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HCA is committed to bringing information and education to the sport of fly fishing. We’re always on the lookout for fresh and pertinent articles and features to bring to our readers. If you have an idea for an article, we’d love to hear it.

Since we’re a FREE magazine, we can’t pay for articles or pictures. But we can promise you a lot of exposure. Our readership is large and loyal. And we allow you to promote your shop or guide service in your article byline. If you have a business, writing for HCA is the cheapest form of advertising you can get! If you don’t, at least you get prime bragging rights.

Our writer’s guidelines are pretty simple. We’re looking for well-written articles with a strong teaching and/or informational element. We’re most open to articles in the following categories:

1)   Personal fly fishing experiences and destination pieces (preferably within the Rocky Mountain region). If you guide a river or have fished it for years, we’re especially interested in hearing from you.

2)   “How-to” fly fishing articles, with an emphasis on specific techniques or principles.

3)   Fly tying articles, primarily from professional fly tyers and developers. If you’ve sold a pattern to a marketer, we’re interested in hearing how the fly was created, along with a detailed recipe and tying instructions.

4)   Humorous and anecdotal fishing stories. Have a funny story you’d like to share? Shoot us a note and we’ll see if it fits.


To submit an idea for an article, shoot us an email with a couple of paragraphs describing what you have in mind. Don’t send in the entire article, just a brief synopsis. If we like your idea, we’ll ask to see the entire article. That’s when we’ll discuss a target word count, along with any possible sidebar ideas.


If we accept your idea, we’ll need some good high res photos to go with it, so you might as well send those along with your synopsis. Often good photos will make or break an article, so send us the best ones you have.


While we want you to retain your own personal style and flair of writing, it’s important to understand our audience when submitting an article. Most of our readers are no-nonsense fly fishers, and they like articles that are concise and informative. Save your flowery intros and vivid imagery for your local poetry club. We like articles that are clear and straight forward.

Catch a 22” Brown on a #20 Copper John? Then say it that way. You’re much more likely to get our attention with clear writing than a well-worn thesaurus.


If we accept your idea, your article will likely appear only in the online version of HCA. The cost of printing greatly limits what we can include in the print magazine, but our new HCA Online Ezine allows us to expand both our content and reader base.

Right now we’re actively looking to expand our online presence, so your chance of getting published has never been better. Send us your idea, and we’ll get back with you soon.


Submit your ideas and pictures to our Managing Editor, Frank Martin, by CLICKING HERE